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Additional Information

"During mediation parties may choose to be represented by an attorney. Mediators may not give legal advice or interpret the law. They can refer parties to impartial outside experts in legal, financial, or other fields to address specific questions or issues that might arise. If parties arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution, mediators may assist in drafting Memorandums of Understanding, comprised of the terms to which the parties have agreed. If mediation is unsuccessful and an agreement cannot be reached, parties may still pursue all legal remedies, including private lawsuits." -The MAC

Boylan Mediation will work with the counsel of each party in counsels offices or in our West Arvada Office. Mediation can be set up in two different ways. The mediator can have all parties together or counsel and clients can choose to separate and use the settlement facilitation model. 

Fee Schedule

1. Initiation Fee: Each Party is charged a $75.00 non-refundable initiation fee upon signing the agreement to mediate. 

2. Hourly Rate: The mediator’s hourly rate is $150 per hour  The fees for each session are processed upon confirmation of scheduling. Mediation sessions are scheduled in two (2) hour increments, charged as a block of time whether used in part or in whole. Billable time outside of mediation is billed in .25 hourly increments, to include preparation for mediation; negotiating between parties prior to and between mediation sessions; telephone calls with parties or their attorneys; reading and/or preparation of documents; and any other activities requested by the participants. At the end of each mediation session the current balance for the above services owed shall be paid, as well as fees for services anticipated to be performed between mediation sessions. Such amounts shall be paid irrespective of whether or not the mediation reaches a successful conclusion. Cancellations and Rescheduling: A $75 fee is charged to cancel or reschedule confirmed mediation dates. Cancellations within 10 business days of a confirmed mediation session forfeit the full cost of session.

3. Fees:  

$75 per party non-refundable Mediation Initiation Fee

$25 per party per hour Facility Fee when parties request separate mediation rooms