Additional Information

Boylan Mediation offerS online mediation using secure video technology.  Online mediation is useful when the parties to the mediation are not in the same geographic area, when there aren’t mediators available in the mediation parties’ geographic area, and during times of social distancing such as what is taking place due to COVID-19. The staff at Boylan Mediation has successfully mediated on a national level for both Pro Se parties and parties represented by counsel. 

Benefits to mediating online: 

1. Efficiency -negotiators do not have to travel, no one needs to find a facility, and the online platform provides a more focused environment for getting results by establishing an organized platform for  settlement. Thus, both parties save time and money. 

2. Candor- Perhaps the greatest advantage of online mediation is ability of the parties to be more candid with their settlement offers. Online mediation does not have the same reputation for posturing. Online mediation is designed to be efficient, so there is much more of a push for parties to reveal the best settlement number and to actually reach an agreement. Technology also creates the opportunity to use innovative tools such as blind negotiating that would not be possible in a traditional setting. 

"In one study, mediators reported using a more directive, Problem Solving Approach in e-mediations than in face-to-face talks as a result of their attempts to maintain the momentum of long-distance talks." - Harvard University